Flower Coloring Pages for Kids

Flower Coloring Pages for Kids

Flowers attract insects with their shiny leaves. The mating organs are inside the leaves. When insects want to drink nectar from the flower by getting between the leaves, the pollen sticks to the insects. After these pollens reach another flower, a pollan tube forms on the female organ.

After a certain time, the seed forms from this point and falls to the ground. This is how mating occurs. While flowers are alive and dead, they contribute to the organic structure of the environment.

We can define flowers as the most important producers in the World. The simple sugar they produce is of the type that feeds almost all insects. Figs and orchids only attract certain bees and reproduce in this way. Insects also feed on birds and other living things.

This is how the food chain is formed. All the nutrients consumed in the world are formed when the flowers produce seeds again. It is available in the flowers that we consume directly. Thyme, coriander, garlic, sage, onion and tea types can be given as examples of flowers we consume directly. Some poisonous flowers are present in nature. When these flowers are eaten, delirium, thirst, vomiting and seizures result in death.

Flowers are very important in medicine making. Every drug is made into a medicine by being put into scientific processes. Medicines are not yet able to cure the diseases that some flower species treat. According to scientists’ tools, only 5% of the rainforest is used as medicine. There is no information about the effect of the remaining plants.

Flowers and trees have been observed to have significant effects on humans as a result of research. By changing the patient’s mood, they provide relaxation and get away from stress. From this basket, flowers are sent to hospitals and funerals. Thus, it is aimed to reduce the pain of the sick body or sad mood. One of the good types of exercise is gardening. The excess energy that comes out of the body together with the soil allows us to relax. Soil fertilization, harvesting and planting as exercise are very useful actions as exercise. In addition, it cleans the air of the environment and ensures that the work you are doing at that moment becomes productive. Sending flowers to your friends working in the office provides a beneficial environment not only for that friend but also for the people around you.

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