Slowbro Coloring Page (Interesting Pokemon)

Interesting Pokemon Coloring Pages

Slowbro is an interesting pink bipedal Pokémon with a striped underbelly and a tan muzzle. It has large hollow eyes, hooked ears, and two sharp teeth sticking out from its upper jaw.

They have three clawed fingers on their hands and two clawed fingers on their feet. It has a seashell attached to its tail. This Shellder has a spiral gray shell with darker gray spots. Shellder has several spikes on its surface and sticks to Slowbro with many sharp teeth.

When Mega Slowbro transforms into Mega Slowbro, she is swallowed by Shellder until only her head, arms and tail are visible. The Spiral Shellder now has an opening at the end, allowing Slowbro’s tail to protrude from where his legs lost their balance from being swallowed.

Shellder’s spikes are now quadrupled on his lower body, and the dark spots are only visible in the middle.

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