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For 20 years, Pokémon games have been bringing joy to millions of fans of all ages and have become one of the most successful entertainment brands in the world.

The series chronicles the adventures of ten-year-old Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum, who one day decides to embark on his adventure to become a great Pokemon Master.

For this, you have to travel to different regions, catch as many pokemon as possible and join the Pokemon League by getting the necessary gym medals, winning it and thus getting one step closer to becoming a Pokemon Master.

To do this, he has the help of Pikachu, the first pokemon he got from Professor Oak.

He will make and meet new friends like Brock or Misty who will accompany him on his journey and help him achieve his dream.

In the anime’s first season, Pokémon technically learn moves they shouldn’t, things like type advantages feel more like a suggestion than a rule, and the actual fighting rules seem to change with each episode.

When we see it again, we can see the Pokémon have changed over time, but it also shows how old they are. It took a long time for the anime to become more fluid and creative with its animation.

The show’s first season is probably one of the ugliest seasons in the entire series, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t all without significant emotional weight.

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