Bird Coloring Pages for Kids

Kuş Boyama Sayfası

Birds are unique creatures that can fly. A beautiful scene is present when they fly and spread their wings in the sky. In the morning and in the evening, the earth resonates with different species of birds. Their abode enhances the beauty of the forest provinces. Everyone is fascinated by their attractive colors. They have large feathers which help them lift their bodies into the air. There are hundreds of birds on earth, each of them is unique. Birds are an integral part of our environment and belong to a wide variety of breeds.

Importance of Birds

Birds are an essential part of the ecosystem and the food chain. They carry seeds and spread them in different places, which grow into beautiful plants. It helps various plants grow in favorable conditions, allowing them to survive and reproduce. For example, a hummingbird plays an important role in plant pollination by ingesting male gametes and then dispersing them into female gametes.

Birds also help humans by eating pests that could cause significant damage to their crops and livestock. They eat hundreds of insects while gliding through the air. One of the importances of birds is that their droppings are rich in uric acid, which easily converts into ammonia, which turns out to be an excellent fertilizer for plants.

Carnivorous birds eat insects, rodents and snakes, indirectly controlling their overpopulation. They also eat animal carcasses, which cleans nature of decaying matter. Omnivorous birds, which survive by eating animals and plants, and herbivorous birds, which only eat fruits and plants, help disperse seeds. Seed dispersal occurs when the bird eats the whole fruit, leaving the seeds on the ground. Later, these seeds grow into new plants and help distribute the environment well.

Birds come in different shapes and sizes. Some birds can be as small as 2 inches (for example, the bee hummingbird) and as tall as 2.75 meters (like an ostrich). The fossil record indicates the emergence of birds 160 million years ago.

Extinction of Birds

Because of human greed, birds are dying. Birds are hunted and caged by humans for later sale. The birds are mainly hunted for their feathers, meat and eggs. Waterfowl are also seriously threatened by pollutants from industrial waste. Pesticides, mostly artificial, are also dangerous for birds. It pollutes the air, and then the birds breathe that polluted air. It also worsens the health of the birds.

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