Fish Underwater Coloring Pages for Kids

Fish Underwater Coloring Pages for Kids

Fishes are aquatic creatures that breathe with oxygen with the help of their gills, which have a wide variety in general. In addition to this, there are a large number of fish varieties, and we can express the number of fish varieties in thousands. These animals live in fairly large areas.

In addition to the wide variety of fish, the number of individuals belonging to these varieties is also quite high. Although this number will never be determined exactly and clearly, it can be expressed in billions.

Species of fish

Fish varieties generally cover a very large range. In addition to this situation, there are fish that can be considered quite dangerous. The representative of these dangerous fish, which we all know very well, is sharks.

Sharks have a highly developed sense of smell, so much so that they can smell a drop of blood in thousands of liters of water, which takes them to a very high level in their hunting success. In general, sharks are afraid of humans, but it should not be forgotten that they kill many people a year.

In addition to fairly large fish such as sharks, fish that drive the fish population quite high are generally small fish. It is quite easy for small fish to reproduce by mating, in addition, small fish can mate by reaching sexual maturity in a very short time after their birth.

It should not be forgotten that there are still many unexplored areas in the oceans, and it is possible that there are still fish species in these areas that we have not discovered.

Fish Breathing

Fish are aquatic creatures that breathe with oxygen, as well as breathing dissolved oxygen in the water with the help of their gills. They use very small capillaries in their gills for respiration, which allows them to breathe and live in water.

Whales are one of the rare creatures that are excluded from this general definition of fish respiration and are the largest living creature on earth. The respiratory system of whales is not suitable for breathing underwater, so they can breathe by rising to the surface of the water and can hold their breath for quite a long time. The same is true for our lovely friends, dolphins.

Reproduction in Fish

Fish are generally sexually reproducing creatures, but this situation covers the whole and does not apply to some fish. Some fish varieties have both male and female reproductive organs and can fertilize themselves. Some fish species can spawn without the need for fertilization, but these conditions are not very common among fish, the majority of fish reproduce sexually.

Sexual reproduction in fish is not the same as in mammals. Female fish have quite a variety of protocols and conditions for mate selection, and the male fish that fulfills these conditions is entitled to mate. In some fish species, the male and female fish that come together release their reproductive cells into the water and fertilization takes place on the water.

In some fish species, sexual intercourse occurs and the female lays eggs and keeps the eggs in a safe environment. The exceptions to this spawning situation are whales and dolphins, which are also aquatic mammals.

They can get to know themselves and each other. Cleaner Wrasse, one of the tropical species known as the “cleaner”, not only responds to its own reflection in the mirror, but also tries to remove the stains from its body when it looks in the mirror, as a clear indication of self-awareness. These fish are among the few animal species such as humans, dolphins, and chimpanzees that have successfully passed the “mirror test” that reveals self-awareness.

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