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Flag is a colored fabric that represents a country or institution. They are usually swinging at the end of a long stick or pole. Every country has a flag symbolizing its independence. Usually rectangular with few exceptions.

El de la bandera nacional es un diseño único que debe resumir la historia, geographía, cultura, política y religión de toda una nación.

Las guerras, revoluciones, uniones políticas y competiciones públicas han determinado los colores y los contenidos del más evocador de los símbolos patrios.

It is considered ideal for a state to consist of a single nation (nation-state). Therefore, groups of people who have managed to run a state, thinking that the construction of the state is ideal by creating common references, began to create symbols to identify all the people living in that state (including the flag).

Nation-state: nationalist sentiments will create harmony in it and eventually lead to political, social and economic stability that will ensure development.


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